Thursday, July 12, 2018

Dominican Republic Environment Economy and Water in the year 2018

A trip in the country side of the country in Puerto Plata area show signs of large construction projects due to economical development base on tourism of the  country. These constructions sites are done as in Canada at the expense of the forest and wild life.

When forest disappear the rivers disappear and the process of desertification starts.
We went on a river trail and hike to the mountain. Large basin of water had small river and 90% of the former river bank was sand and stones only..
If people do not pay attention to the deforestation process the rivers will disappear food scarcity will take place  the tourism will disappear and the economic development will cease to exist.

Dominican republic has large excavation areas left without vegetation or with herbs instead of trees . Pay attention to Spain, Sahara desert, that one had a river passing trough.

If we don't learn from the past we tend to repeat it.
People should get ownership of the land and get paid by the government to plant and care for the trees. One to ten hectares of land should be owned by every person in the country every country for life with the scope of reforestation and personal use free of taxes. Actually people should get paid to care for the tree and the land. Roads to the land and fountains or water sources should be supplied by the government.

Permaculture principle should be promoted on television Internet and schools. The land should lock like a garden again. Rivers will appear where there are not and wild animals and birds will have a place to live.
Cleanliness will be the norm on the roads  in the houses in the rivers and oceans.

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