Thursday, July 12, 2018


  • We should keep the oceans clean of oil, sound weapons, nuclear testing, garbage, and pollutants.

    Oil drilling should cease within our oceans so we can avoid oil spills. Oil transportation on large tanks should cease. Alternative more powerful non-polluting sources of energy should be used. They are already known at this moment.

    A large process of cleaning g the ocean should be started and this large debris can be used for at least 100 years as a source of energy. In the same time, the large fishing boats should cease to destroy the fish population of the oceans.

    We need to restore the health of the seas and the oceans.

    People finally realized that trees and mangrove protect the beaches. More should be planted protected.

    The litter on the beaches and oceans should be collected and used in small power plant devices as a source of energy. There is enough plastic in the oceans to power the entire earth for 100 years

    A large campaign of education using mass media TV internet and schools classes for cleaning the land and the oceans of garbage and how to utilize this garbage should start. When people see the difference between beauty and litter they would participate in this process.

    Small devices that produce electricity from garbage should be sold everywhere.

    Land ownership; one ha of land should be allocated to every person when she or he is 18 years old. Fruit trees and legume trees could be provided to the owners to water and maintain the trees. The land in ownership free of taxes for life free of taxes on products obtained from this land.

    The beaches should be left public- for everyone to access and enjoy them.

    The stock market is devouring the earth and the health of the sea. The scope of the companies listed in the stock market is to increase the profit for these entities. So, because the land the forests and the oceans that cannot talk and protect themselves are exploited for profit not only for need only by these corporations. This paradigm should cease to exist.

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