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The Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the History of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Lemuria was a great Empire far back 200,000 years ago situated on the Present Pacific Ocean and Atlantis was situated on the present Atlantic Ocean. Colonization began 100,000 years ago while Atlantis was settled fro. 50.000 to 25.000 years ago. When Lemuria was destroyed Atlantis become the center of civilization and remained so until her destruction, leaving her greatest colony in Egypt.

The Lemurians were remarkable people. They possessed mental telepathy. Thus might have been a faculty that human race has largely lost through atrophy or disuse a d that is only recen6being regained.

The cyclops legend is said to have originated in the fact that Lemurians if pure blood descent had a protrusion  in the center of their forehead which might have been the seat of other mental faculties.
The Lemurians five impressions of superior  beings superior peoples possessing supernatural power as mental telepaty.
Do colonies of the world oldest civilization still exist in a self imposed isolation in California near Mount Shasta?
Are there other Lemurian colonies in other parts of the world such as in the mountains of Bolovia.?

The story is recorded by William (Bill ) Hamilton of Glendale Arizona. He became interested I  the subject after reading the book A dweller on two planets. BY Phylos. At the age of 15 he visited the Mount Shasta in California.

He became acquitted with a very interesting person in 1977 a girl named Bonnie that told him an interesting story regarding Lemuria and Atlantis.

She told him that she is a Lemurian born in 1951 in a city called Telos that was built inside an artificial dome shaped cavern in the Earth a mile or so beneath Mount Shasta California.

Bonnie, her mother, her father Ramu, her sister Judy he cousin Lorne and Matrix live and move in our society returning frequently to Telos fir rest and recuperation.

Bonnie relates that her people use boring machines to bore tunnels in the Earth. These boring machines heat the rock to incandescence then  vitrify it,  eliminating the need for beams and supports.

A tube transit system is used to connect few Atlantean/Lemurian cities that exist to various subterranean locations. The tube trains are propelled by electromagnetic impulses up to speeds of 2500 mph. Ine tube connects with one of the inner cities in the Mati Grosso junglen of Brazil.
The Lemurians have developed space travel and some of flying saucers come from their subterranean bases. Bonnie said her peoples are members if a federation if planets.
Food. They grow food hydroponically under full spectrum lights with their gardens attended by automatons.
The resources of Telos are distributed in plenty to million and half population that thrives on a  in money economy.
Bonnie talks about Uighers, Naga-Mayas and Quetzela which she is a descendant.
She records the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria and if a war between the two superpower that was fought with advanced weapons.
Atlanteans built a huge crystal powered beam weapon that was used to control a small moon of earth as a missile aimed at China but their plans went awry and the moon split in two coming down into Atlantic north of Bermuda, deluding the remaining isle of Atlantis. Her peoples are a part of a much greater underground kingdom called Agharta ruled by a super-race she calls Hyperboreans.
They are strict vegetarians. They have psychic powers well developed.

Many tunnels are unsafe and closed off. All tube transit tunnels are protected and are designed to eject uninvited guests.
After thus article that appeared in 1980 Mr Hamilton wrote two more articles regarding Bonnie and Mount Shasta..
George Hunt Williamson in his  book The Secret Places if the Lion (London,  Nevile Spearman 1958) referred to the ancient land of Telos a Lemurian Colony located in the  Colorado plateau area if the four corners of the United States. 

In 1978 another article on the Lemuria girl Bonnie written by Mr Mr Hamilton.
Lemuria had one race with 10 sub races approximately 200,000 years ago.

Lemurians came from a planet named Aurora. The sun of Earth was giving too much radiation resulting in shorter life spans. The Hyperboreans went inside the planet. They entered at the polar entrances inside of where there is another sun which has  o radioactive effect. These people still live there and their major city is Shambala.

The people who remained on top degenerated into what we call the forth race.
They continue to degenerate to the point of warring on each other. Before war was unheard of.
The Lemurians started shrinking in stature from about 12 ft to about 9 ft.
The fifth race was about 9 ft. The peoples started taking the colour if the land. The Atlanteans skin were taking on reddish hue, Asian and Lemuria s skin took on a yellowish hue.
Around 25000 ago started the fifth race, and a war started and Atlantis chose to break away from the motherland Mu. Atlantis was getting more vindictive.
The Lemurians were the major race at thus time which had developed into the Uighers, the Naga Maya and the Quetzekcoatls. The Quetzals at this time started leaving Lemuria. They went to Scsndinavian Countries, North America, Central and South America and some if theory descendent are stilul there.

Quetzelcoatl was Venusian,  and Viracocha was a Lemurian high Priest who went to South America upon the destruction of Lemuria.

Lemuria was sent to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean because the blowing out of Archean has chambers. Whenbthebearth was formed huge gas pockets if gas were formed which were few feet wide but thousands of miles long. The scientists started detecting the weakening of the Archean gas chambers with their instruments. This was 15000 years ago. And at that time the earth magnetic field was erratic.

At that time Lemuria and Atlantis were part of the galactic Federation. And they could both travel to other planets. At that time the name of the King of Atlantis was Chronos. The name if the king of Lemuria was Triton and the high priest was called Ramu.
After the destruction of Lemuria which was caused by natural catastrophe for a long time the planet was unstable; for about 200-300 years.

The pyramids were built before the destruction of Lemuria.

At thus time the Atlanteans were  becoming difficult and several of the.whi believed in the Law of One did not care for what the scientists were doing. The scientists were experimenting with monster Crystal's that had unbelievable power. There were biological experiments going for hundreds of years at that time. They were using the things as their slaves.
Some people left Atlantis at this time and came to mount Shasta where the Lemurians had built a city called Telos.

The crystals of the Atlanteans used cosmic energy. The firm if the crystal generates wavelengths fits. It draw the energy from the Atmosfere and generate it into a high force and higher vibration. It has no moving parts. The crystal has inner fire and change colors.
The crystal of the Atlanteans buikd up energy they cannot control.
The secret source of the power of flying saucers is Crystal's psrticukarly of the atmosferic vehicles. The planet to planet vehicles are driven by a Ion Mercury engine.
Spaceship can reach speeds beyond d light, they can enter in hyperspace you generate into the forth dimension, this is controlled  y an on board computer that take you in and out if hyperspace.
When you enter in hyperspace is a loud sound then you will hear  nothing.
Lemurians travel between galaxies by entering in hyperspace when going ling distances.
Advanced beings are near the centre if the universe. At the center is the seat of God (Tamil) the generation of energy.
How Atlantis was destroyed?
Atlantis was taking pot shots with their Crystal's at China that was a strong colony of Lemuria and refused to come under Atlantean domination. At that time Atlantis was trying to dominate the world.And they didn"t dare to pick on Hypoerboreans in the Earth Centre.

During the last change of poles.the entrances were inaccessible because if the new Ice and clouds cover.
Atlanteans set up colonies in Egypt. Rata was the most high priest at that time.

Atlanteans, Lemurians and extraterrestrials built the pyramids as they knew they were needed to stabilize the planet during the coming cataclysms.
The pyramid in the Mato Grosso in Brazil still hasn't been found  That was built using radioactive paste. Sound was used to levitate the Stone blocks.

The destruction itself of Atlantis happened because the Atlanteans were taking shots at China that was a colony of Lemuria and they pursuing a form of vibrating crystal rays of certain elements in the atmosphere and bouncing them off Satelits in orbit around the earth.

At this time the Earth had two moons. One of them was taken off course by the Atlanteans the smaller moon.

They were vibrating the ray of the crystal higher and higher and hoping to direct the small moon as missile to China and India.

The Atlanteans major crystal was located near Bimini Island and they could not control it as the force went higher and higher and the moon plunged to the earth split in two and felt on the heads if the Atlanteans themselves bringing to their final destruction...

Extras from the book "Mount Shasta: Home of the Ancients"  by Valiant Thor

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