Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Water Experiments Capillarity, Natural Water Fountains Principle

Take two one-gallon glasses cans one without the bottom.

The bottom can D is filled with water.
A strip of thin muslin (a piece of cloth)  over the mouth of the other can B pressed firmly over the mouth C of the can of water which is fitted tightly thus connecting them, the upper bottomless can being inverted.

Then a narrow slit is made in the center of the muslin with a pen knife and through it thrust a glass of tube 1/16 inch.

Next, a string is wrapped around the open top of the upper can cross over top and tie the glass tube to the center of the cross string simply to hold the tube into position.

A bag of salt is dissolved in water and the solution is poured into the upper can filling it to the top.

Then the glass tube is inserted into the two cans so that the tip of the curve is about
2 1/2  inches above the surface of the salty solution.
A flow of liquid exhibits itself.

In this experiment, the water rises above its source without the sand.

Saltwater has of greater specific gravity than pure water. The pressure of the heavier fluid forces the lighter up in the tube.

This action continues until in the gradual diffusion of the salty solution in the pure water the salt is disseminated equally through the vessels, and the specific gravity of the mixed liquid becomes the same throughout when the flow ceases.

However, on the earth where supplies are inexhaustible, the fountain flows unceasingly.



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