Friday, December 1, 2023

Ancient Desalination Plant?

It seems thatantiquity had very advanced energy and purificatiin mechanisms and desalination processes. All of this is evident all over the world.Americs South America Mexico Africa India Asia everywhere.

Magnetic water has growing effects on plants. In the former Soviet Union they used magnets to test the growing effects on plants. The magnets  have increased the plant yeld. It is possible that health of the people could be improved by placing magnets in water.

The desalination process or removing salt from water is not as hard as  you might presume. Did ancient Rome desalination water to help out on times of drought?

How to desalinate water.

Fill a pot with water, put the lid down, heat it up. Your water will steam up and drip down the sides of the smaller pot and become fresh-water.

You canals do this without boiling by placing a bowl filled with slat water in direct sunlight.
This will heat up the water and cause condensation to form on the plastic wrap.

As condensation forms, freshwaterndrplers will drip from the plastic wrap into the cup. You can have a drink of safe desalination water.

If you lòk at the ancient Flaviab Amphitheaters you'll see that they had retractable cloth roof. It's known as velarium.

There are rings similar to Amphitheaters and the Colliseum on Italy all over Spain. They are now used as bull fighting rings. They are used as needlessly murder animals.

Were these actually water tanks for water purification and magnetization or desalination processes?

The bull fighting rings are round not elypticàl. Could they have been desalination plants?

The desalination plants such as the one in Carlsbad California are similar with the bull fighting rings in Spain.

What if the people in antiquity have been desalination their water as well.

The most advanced features of the coliseum were the sand filtration with V-shaped basins suitable for a superior vortex oscillation water purification mechanism.Five hundred tons of iron wiring in the arches ensured rhe magnetism of water's. Minerals.

Some pipes could be used to transport cold water and rhe lead piped in stone tunels could have been for hot water maybe even to generate heat.

They would have clean pure water with this closed pipe system in place.

Basically you get one side of the pipe that goes deep into the earth and then water will heat up because the earth is warmer the deeper you go.

Then it goes up into your house once is nice and warm, it cools down and goes back down through the pipes to reason the heat again and returns into the house.

The most amazing thing about this is that is all year round free energy generated by warm water.

The Holy Grail of The Great Reset Questions by Martin Liedtke

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