Friday, December 1, 2023


The resonance waves used by rhe organs in churches were used to put healing energy into the water.

One of the pope changed the musical scales so that we haven't got the full spectrum of music to play with.

Why would anyone want to deprive people of something that provided beauty and harmony?

Art can give a lot of beauty and perfection.

Churches might have been source rezonante machines. The ceilings have cinematic patterns. Ifna sound is played inside a Tower with organ piper water will vibrate.

When reaching a certain tone, for example 432 the sound resinates and leave a pattern it creates în the surface.

Now that pattern would be hard to see on the water alone but, if light arriving from a window opening reflecta like mirror and passed through crystals or lenses then through the resonating water you will get a projection onto a white screen.

This device could project cinematic patterns on a ceiling to be copies as a template maybe? Or for a window? Is that what they did?

This type of technology proves to us that the previous generation of humanities sound as light?

Sound andarchitecture are very closely connected and the perfecte architectural qualities found in churches are definitely a resinating mechanism which is used to great effect for healing.

The Holy Grail of The Great Reset Questions by Martin Liedtke

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