Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Ultrasound Testing in the Water and Environmental Destruction

Ultrasound testing inside the waters of the oceans by governments destroy the plant life inside the oceans and disturb the fish and mammals living in  the oceans by messing up their magnetic directions that help them to fund food and reproduction sites.

Testings are done by US Canada UK China Russia Nederland Japan Israel governments at the expense of taxpayers money with negative effects of the lifestyle of those that pay unwillingly for this madness. 

Testings are done for weather modifications for weather weaponization and in the name of science gone astray. 

Few PhD get fundings for the destruction of the environment without any control of those that pay for it.

How this can be stopped?  By demanding all research money to be made public. All weapons resources to be available on line for the public to be aware of the directions of the spending of tax payers money.

 Underwater Pipeline Inspection Using Guided Waves is one example of ultrasound wave using in the oceans that disturb Ocean Life.

So when the science is regarded without the thought of the consequences of those that cannot protect themselves and do not have a voice in the decisions of people the consequences are bad.