Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Oceans Protections and Energy Resources and Land Allocation

Blog 2
The oceans are polluted. We need to do something about it. 

Stop buying products that are made over 50 km from where you buy them from. If you are in Dominican Republic buy Dominican products. 

If you are in Canada buy Canadian products. All inventions from now on should take in consideration the environment. Is sustainable is for the benefit of environment or not. 

Energy production should be rethink of. The electrolytic process  is known for millennia, plasma difference of potential at different heights of the atmosphere can generate electricity . 

There are other forms of energy that can be utilized for transportation light heating, just invent with the safety of water and land and forests and Animals in mind so they are protected and healed.

Stop the waist of energy and resources for wars weapons and killing. 

Land should be of people living on it 10 ha for each family.
Government should build roads, and infrastructure . Inventions should be openly available to everyone.


Blog 1
 We should preserve the health of the oceans and all living things in and out of the oceans fish coral reefs sea lions, dolphins whales birds.

Ocean Manifesto
Oceans are pouted with plastic sound electricity nuclear waste, oil and garbage . 
Here are some measures the needs to be taken. 
  1. Plastics in the oceans should be collected and burned in power plant that producing electricity for human use. 
  2.  Nuclear pollutants should be removed from the water and used in scientific research. 
  3. There should be a ban on dumping nuclear weapons and waste in the oceans. 
  4. Sound waves testings are the most harmful for the wild life of the oceans. These testings should be stopped made public aware of them and the people responsible removed from their jobs. 
  5. Points of sound wave tests could be identified using satellites even though they belong to the same countries that own the satellites. 
  6.  Garbage dumping in the ocean should be a thing of the past.
  7. Electrical tests with high frequencies in the water and air should stop. 
  8.  The public should be made aware of these pollutants. There are people  that are responsible for these decisions and their  names should me made public. 
  9. A new Era that involve caring for nature and oceans and Animals is going to begin now. 
  10. All new research should be tested against long term nature sustainability and improvement of the quality of the environment if the results can have a practical use.