Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Healing Power of Water

Walter is a substance that reacts to sunspots, magnetism, and order cosmic phenomenon.
It carries a change of the cosmic life energy, the orgone, along with the blue glowing bionus material.

 The tradition of healing water and poultice were well known in the past.

In the 20-th century in North America, FDA AMA and pharmacy declared war against natural healing methods.

Health benefits were clearly observed and documented when soaking in such water or in mineral clay baths as with the disappearance of chronic arthritis and rheumatism.

Such waters were typically heavily mineralized sometimes being stinky with sulphides and such minerals alleviate various health problems when drank or soaked in.

Up.to 1940 it was typical for these hot springs and .inderal water companies who voted them for drinking to advertise their health benefits.

Due to demands of FDA AMA a d local MD hospitals and working trough malicious prosecutors treating health spa owners with imprisonment the surviving healing hot springs are today dramatically reduced and constrained as to what they can say or publish about their health benefits.

Rarely are clinics located on their premises and have been converted into museums or national parks places where you can walk but not take bath yourself.

The suppression of healing water traditions started around d 1940 by the FDA and hospital doctors. If we want to find why we need to follow the money.

Example hot spring  Albany Georgia with deep blue water with healing g properties wherein the present no swimming is allowed.

In Europe, by contrast, the spa traditions are still being conserved.

Like native Americans, Europe has a long history of mineral health bath in healing baths.


"The orgone accumulator handbook. Wilhelm Reich Life energy discoveries and healing tools for the 21 century with constructions plans."
By James DeMeo forward by Eva Reich

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