Sunday, September 24, 2023

Chemtrails.and Water

The chemtrails chemicals in rhe air end up in the water. Rhe entire ecosystems is disrupted.
Four trees in my backyard were affected.
Some co.pounds contains. Barium and Aluminum  symbols of God Baal.
They affect human brains creating alzheimer.
The water is collecting all these chemicals and the ecology of this beautifull planet is affected.
According ți William Thomkins not only humans are polluting the air the Draxo Reptilians are spraying us with 5 gases on regular intervals. He has picture of them when theybforgot to.clock their ship. Meaning to make it invisible or create a clowd around the ship.

Then human chain of command is controlled and the crazy one in control of money and power poison our sky and we pay for it.

This picture is above my house yesterday afternoon. 
few days ago.

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