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Doctrines Philosophies and Water

Sound Technology affects Water in the Oceans and Marine Life

Effects of Noise Pollution from Ships on Marine Life. ... Studies have showed that while these 'sounds' may have no impact on human, in marine life, they can be detrimental. Population of cetacean (whales and dolphins) has declined in areas prone to such noise pollution from ships.

Two main reasons that make environmental impact of noise in marine life especially grave are- firstly noise travels much more in water, covering greater distances than it would do on land while travelling though air, and secondly because the marine life is extremely sensitive to noise pollution. Due to their extreme reliance on underwater sounds for basic life functions like searching for food and mate and an absence of any mechanism to safeguard them against it, underwater noise pollution disrupts marine life in more serious ways.

Source of ocean noise pollution include everything from the ship noise to the low frequency sonar ‘sounds’ used extensively in submarine detection or even the seismic air gun noise from oil and gas exploration or even commercial shipping traffic and coastal jet ski traffic. Studies have showed that while these ‘sounds’ may have no impact on human, in marine life, they can be detrimental. Population of cetacean (whales and dolphins) has declined in areas prone to such noise pollution from ships.

The effect of underwater noise pollution is more painful than anything else for the animals. Most animals are alarmed by the alien sounds. The deaths can occur due to hemorrhages, changed diving pattern, migration to newer places, and damage to internal organs and an overall panic response to the foreign sounds. There is also a disruption in normal communication between marine animals as a result of underwater noise pollution. This means animals prone to noise pollution are unable to call their mates, look for food or even make a cry for help under such circumstances.

Many marine animals like the fish (rockfish, herring, san eel, cod, blue whiting etc) show signs of extensive damage to their ears upon exposure to seismic air guns even up to several kilometers.

Sound Technology used for the Oil Exploitation Affect the structure of the water in a negative way

The sound waves hit the sea floor, penetrating miles into it, and bounce back to the surface, where they are picked up by hydrophones. The acoustic patterns form a three-dimensional map of where oil and gas most likely lie. ... And air guns are now the most common method companies use to map the ocean floor.

The layers of the seafloor are examined with seismic reflection and seismic refraction (also called wide angle seismics). Echosounding is a basic type of seismic reflection. Echosounding is used to measure the depth of the water. High-frequency echosounders (12,000 Hz) are used to measure the depth to the seafloor. A sound pulse is sent from a ship and that sound reflects off the seafloor and returns to the ship. The time the sound takes to travel to the bottom and back is used to calculate the distance to the seafloor . Low-frequency echosounders (1,000 to 6,000 Hz) can penetrate a short distance into the seafloor, up to approximately 100 meters, to study the upper sediment layers

Seismic reflection uses a stronger sound signal and lower sound frequencies (10-50 Hz) than echosounding in order to look deeper below the seafloor. The sound pulse is often sent from an airgun array towed behind a slowly moving ship. Airguns rapidly release compressed air, forming a bubble. This bubble formation produces a loud sound .

Nuclear Tests in The Oceans

Decades after the nuclear bomb tests of the Cold War, traces of radioactive carbon have been found in the deepest parts of the ocean.
Crustaceans found in the deepest trenches of the Pacific Ocean showed high levels of radioactive carbon in their muscle tissues, according to a study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters in April.
The "bomb carbon" found its way into their molecules from nuclear tests performed in the 1950s and '60s -- and it's been found miles down into the ocean where these creatures live. The results show how quickly human pollution can enter the ocean's food chain and reach the deep ocean, according to the study's authors.
It's a disturbing discovery that shows how the actions of humans can harm the planet.

Chemical Weapons on the Ocean Floor

Andrew Curry writes in his article "Weapons of War Litter the Ocean Floor"

At least one million tonnes of chemical weapons were dumped in the oceans between 1919 and 1980.

Beldowski and his colleagues looked for something very different, based on Popiel’s research. They searched for the complex chemical cocktail that military scientists used to weaponize some stocks of sulfur mustard, as well as the new degradation products created by the munitions’ reaction with seawater. The team found sulfur mustard byproducts in the seafloor sediment and often in the water around dumped bombs and containers.

What is certain, however, is that the chemical weapons lying on the seafloor pose a serious threat to humans who come in direct contact with them. And as the world focuses more on the oceans as a source of energy and food, the danger presented by underwater munitions to unsuspecting workers and fishing crews is growing. “When you invest more in the offshore economy, each day the risk of finding chemical munitions increases,”

Indeed, some major industrial projects in the Baltic, such as the Nord Stream gas pipeline from Germany to Russia, are now planning their routes in order to avoid disturbing chemical weapon dumps. And trawler activity on the ocean floor continues to uncover chemical munitions. In 2016 alone, Danish authorities have responded to four contaminated boats.

Scalar Weapons Tests in the Oceans affect the water the marine life and peoples

Acording to Tom Bearden in his website and article Examples of Sightings of
Probable Scalar Weapon Activity

Mushroom clouds from "cold explosions," Tesla domes sighted, taking over a pilot's mind. All quotes by Tom Bearden.
1. Endothermic exhaust plumes on Soviet island
"The right picture shows the "puff" of an explosive emergence of the exhaust. In other words, this one is the exhaust from a "dumping transfer" howitzer used in the pulsed exothermic mode. Since it did not have so much energy to dump, it could dump it in a pulse. Again, the primary howitzer, of course, was activated in the endothermic mode. " 
2. More probable howitzer plumes
"These exhausts from Bennett Island are euphemistically called plumes by U.S. weather analysts."
3. Location of many anomalous exhaust plumes
"This slide shows the location of three areas of interest relative to Soviet scalar EM weapons testing."
4. Site of Mystery Mushroom cloud, seen by several pilots
"The location of the "cold explosion" off the coast of Japan on April 9, 1984. The site of the explosion was only about 200 miles from downtown Tokyo. It was seen by the crews of several jet airliners, including Japan Air Lines Flight 36."
5. Giant mushroom cloud erupted above the ocean south of the Kuril Islands
"It also was a direct "stimulus" to the Japanese and the rest of the world: That is, stimulate the system and see if the scientists recognize what happened. If they do, then they know about scalar EM weapons. If they don't, then their countries know nothing of scalar EM weapons, and those countries are defenseless against them. "

Ocean Water

The foundation is the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS 1982). It says that a country may claim an area extending 12 nautical miles from its coast as its own territorial sea. Additionally it can exploit 200 nautical miles of the water column beyond its coast as its exclusive economic zone. The same applies to the first 200 nautical miles of the sea floor, the continental shelf. The resources found there can be exploited by that country alone. And that is not all. If the country can scientifically prove that its continental shelf extends even further – that it is continuously geologically connected to the mainland – it also has the sole rights to the resources there as well. This territorial claim includes islands but not rocks or other outcroppings.

But it is no longer merely a matter of access to shipping lanes. The reason for the current international conflicts actually lies beneath the waves. The disputes revolve around the expansion of territorial seas and economic zones in order to secure exclusive rights to socalled non-living marine resources, like the valuable minerals and fossil fuels buried beneath the sea floor. They are about “territory” in the sea. Absurd? Not if you look at where land begins. And where it allegedly ends.

Manifest destiny

Manifest destiny is a doctrine popular with many Americans during the 1840s that the conquests of North America was divinely obtained; that God not men had ordered the destruction of Indians, forests, buffalo, the draining of swamps and the channelling of rivers, and the development of an economy that depend on the continuing exploitation of labor and natural resources.

The Monroe Doctrine

The Monroe Doctrine originally enunciated by president James Monroe  pin 1823 was  used to take Manifest Destiny a step further when in 1950-1960  was used to assert that the United States had special rights all over the hemisphere, including the right to invade any nation in Central or South America.  That refused to back up  US policies.

According to John Perkins the author of "The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"
"Teddy Rosevelt invoked Monroe Doctrine to justify US intervention in the Dominican Republic, in Venezuela and during the libera6of Panama from Columbia. 

A series of US presidents notably Taft, Wilson and Franklin Roswelt relied in it to expand Washington Pan American activities through the end of world war.

During the later half of the twentieth century the United States used the communist threat to justify expansion of this concept to countries around the globe including Vietnam and Indonesia"

All these countries were used as resources of raw material after were indebted to international banks using Economic Hit Mens. Some of these resources were the water in the rivers and oil exploitation of the sea floors and Ocean floors




Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Ultrasound Testing in the Water and Environmental Destruction

Ultrasound testing inside the waters of the oceans by governments destroy the plant life inside the oceans and disturb the fish and mammals living in  the oceans by messing up their magnetic directions that help them to fund food and reproduction sites.

Testings are done by US Canada UK China Russia Nederland Japan Israel governments at the expense of taxpayers money with negative effects of the lifestyle of those that pay unwillingly for this madness. 

Testings are done for weather modifications for weather weaponization and in the name of science gone astray. 

Few PhD get fundings for the destruction of the environment without any control of those that pay for it.

How this can be stopped?  By demanding all research money to be made public. All weapons resources to be available on line for the public to be aware of the directions of the spending of tax payers money.

 Underwater Pipeline Inspection Using Guided Waves is one example of ultrasound wave using in the oceans that disturb Ocean Life.

So when the science is regarded without the thought of the consequences of those that cannot protect themselves and do not have a voice in the decisions of people the consequences are bad.


Monday, August 13, 2018

Water in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt name was known by their inhabitants as Khemit.
People were named Khemitians. Ancient Khemitians had a term for water- Asgat. As is still used in Arabic names as Aswan means the beginning of the water and Assut end of the water.
Agsat Nefer Hierogloph
According to Stephen S Mehler in the book " The land of Osiris" The modern cities of Aswan an Assut may not be the exactly where the ancient river was the current names may have been borrowed from more ancient cities in a different location.

Khemit had underground tunnels for water, above ground aqueducts, channels and huge limestone walls erected for containing water flow.

Ancient Khemitian civilization was totally dependent upon and highly conscious of the uses of the intrinsic properties of the water. Khemitian structures were built to utilize the power of water.

Agsat meat water in harmony.

Harmony in this sense meant beyond polarity conciousness, beyond a concept of good or bad, positive and negative, the state of balance of nonduality referred by masters as bliss consciousness.

Water contains the essence of Nefer, of being able to maintain and sustain life and used as the form of keys to open temple doors or gates,  also referred to water in that water was the key of all life.

There is evidence of tunnels, channels, aqueducts, man-made lakes and a possible existence of the ancient western river as the basis of the previous predynastic civilization of present Egypt.

Vorticular dynamics describe the swirling flowing actions of water and its ability to convert potential energy int kinetic energy.
As water flows and increases its vibratory rate, it creates a unique swirling and up-ceiling pattern that is called Paired Vorricular Dynamics. With this particular flow, pattern water produces tremendous amounts of energy.

Earth is a living organism and the water flowing through her underground passages as her blood, functioning the same way bodies functioning in our bodies.

Victor Schauberger identifies 33 different types of water none of which are ever mentioned in any current science text books. The best water for us to dring is one which came from the Earth, from underground springs and aquifers, full of dissolved carbons and minerals.

Ancient Khemitians understood the magic of water and the source of life and energy. They used ingenious rocks to be medium for utilizing the power of water.

The Khemitian concept of Per- Neter means the House of Nature.

Igneous rocks such as diorite, granite, and basalt contain mica, minute pieces of quarts crystal, which will amplify and regulate an electrical current, magnetic fields or any vibratory essence passing trough it. Alabaster is African crystal and acts the same way as quarts does.

Great Pyramid was not at the whim of a megalomaniacal king but scientifically selected by adepts quite aware of the vibrational properties of igneous rock and the science of harmonics.

Christopher Dunn describes the Great Pyramid as acting as a coupled oscillator, a machine vibrating in harmonic resonance with an already vibrating source the Earth itself and the Per Neter (pyramid) was tuned purposely to vibrate in harmonic resonance with the Earth as a seismic tap.

Fish are able to swim against the current with very little effort on their part at a certain temperature recorded 4 degrees Celsius or 39-degree Fahrenheit. That is the anomany point of the water where would negate all forces acted upon water and create the perfect homeostasis a harmony of balance.

With no energy surrounding the trout they could swim upstream as there was no resistance.

Ancient Khemitians had knowledge of this property of the water rediscovered by Victor Schauberger..

In many spots on the Giza Plateau one can observe breaks in the limestone pavement stones laid down by the Khemitians.THese breaks appear as round or square holes leading to the underground water tunnel. According to Hakim the indigenous wisdom keeper of Egypt these were for sunlight to enter in and heat the over rushing water. The Khemitians utilized solar power to heat the water to obtain the temperature gradient an optimum temperature known to them for a specific reaction needed

in the Per-Neter(pyramid).

Rushing water amplified by the igneous rock heated by solar energy enter in the Great Pyramid. It is possible that hydrogen was produced in te pyramid that also the pyramid was used as a coupled oscillator probably a source of microwave energy.

It was the Harmony Of Water that provided a major source of energy utilized by Per Neter (Pyramid)

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Healing Power of Water

Walter is a substance that reacts to sunspots, magnetism, and order cosmic phenomenon.
It carries a change of the cosmic life energy, the orgone, along with the blue glowing bionus material.

 The tradition of healing water and poultice were well known in the past.

In the 20-th century in North America, FDA AMA and pharmacy declared war against natural healing methods.

Health benefits were clearly observed and documented when soaking in such water or in mineral clay baths as with the disappearance of chronic arthritis and rheumatism.

Such waters were typically heavily mineralized sometimes being stinky with sulphides and such minerals alleviate various health problems when drank or soaked in. 1940 it was typical for these hot springs and .inderal water companies who voted them for drinking to advertise their health benefits.

Due to demands of FDA AMA a d local MD hospitals and working trough malicious prosecutors treating health spa owners with imprisonment the surviving healing hot springs are today dramatically reduced and constrained as to what they can say or publish about their health benefits.

Rarely are clinics located on their premises and have been converted into museums or national parks places where you can walk but not take bath yourself.

The suppression of healing water traditions started around d 1940 by the FDA and hospital doctors. If we want to find why we need to follow the money.

Example hot spring  Albany Georgia with deep blue water with healing g properties wherein the present no swimming is allowed.

In Europe, by contrast, the spa traditions are still being conserved.

Like native Americans, Europe has a long history of mineral health bath in healing baths.


"The orgone accumulator handbook. Wilhelm Reich Life energy discoveries and healing tools for the 21 century with constructions plans."
By James DeMeo forward by Eva Reich