Thursday, August 25, 2022

About the Water

Large boat cruises are also large pollutants.  Oceans should not be shared with these large pollutants. The gas they burn should be replaced with alternative sources that exist on earth but used by the Military industrial complex in space withouth allowing the public access to the technology. The air and the Water are poluted by these monsters.
Oil and gas used in transportation should be completely eliminated.

Water should be free every family should have the know how to obtain clean water using solar power.

This industry of oil is destroying the earth. Every plastic glass and plastic bottle used ine ends up on landfills or in the Oceans. Oceans do not  end that any.more. wild life iceqn life suffer from this pollution.

This and chemtrails that apparently are organized by suorastatal organizations that have malefic interests behind them some.say of et. Are contributing at the destruction of the environment 

Nobody is penalizing these suprastatal cruises corpiratuons when they are polluting the air and the water in Dominican Republic. Theybare diversity the garbage in water.

We been to take better care of our water.
People living in Dominican Rep  uy the water. This should be free.
On a water planet water and fresh clean air should be free. Is not.

With civid restrictions the restricted fresh air from people. 

The brainwashing machine of corporations sell the water in little bottle water that create.massive pollution with plastic bottles.

Who talk for those that cannot talk.for themselves; The Water rhe Fish, the birds, rhe  trees.?

The service tonself corporations destroy the quality of life in this earth. What about the military industrial complex? What about extraterrestrials? They.might have another place to go to we prefer the earth.
Microwave technology sonor weapons chemicals of pharmaceutical companies that end up in water all should be in public discussions.

Also  another subject that should be discussed is clorine that is a poison used in swimming pools or the fluoride used in cities tap water, and toothpaste.

Instead of using massmedia for mass advertising of poisonous vaccines real discussions about cleaning the planet of pollutants should be a priority.

All chemicals used in weapon industry and used in mind control should be destroyed. We do not need more agent orange or chlorine. We need alternative sources of energy in existence since over 100 years see Chicago Wold Fair that was using wireless electricity. Oil and gas should not be used any more.
The chemicals used in weapons of mass destruction end up in water. The existence of people.fro. outer worlds that controll earth in malefic way for their own interests should be made public.

We really need to be the stewards of this earth making it the beautiful planet ot deserve to be.

Exploitation of this earth should  ease mining operations use poisonous chemicals that polute the waters of the river and end up in oceans.

There should not be have and have not people on this Earth. Everyone should have a piece of land and should take care of that land. Concentration of large number of people in small places is  ot beneficial for the environment.  Education about keeping the land and water clean should be promoted like mcdonald advertising.

Respect for ocean life should be also a priority. No whale or dolphin should be a museum object. You go to see paintings or art in museums not living conscious being. See them in the wild and respect them.

Large mamals are kept in small spaces as objects for the Ocean world service to self type of corporations . 

We need to have more respect for oceal life.

Large oil rigs use sonor tools to exploit the ocean floors. That sonor tools are.affecring sea life. That needs to stop.

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