Monday, August 22, 2022

Atlantic Ocean

We as society need ro rake care of rge land and water and oceans. 

The oceans should be kept clean of garbage and of military waves.
The sinke polluting of the √≤ceans affects rhe water that affects Allies. The sonor polituin affects marine life the wales dolphins and fish population. 

Chemtrails affects also the oceans.rhe pollutants in Chemtrails end up in water and then un fish and different marine life.

We need to restore the oceans to the pristine gorm they deserve.humsn psychic interact with the energy of the water and the energy of the water interact with human psychic. 

So human attitude influences the molecular configuration of the water.

The wars and military operations influence negative the water and water patterns. Weather events are activated by human activities.

Some are intentionally activates ad weather warfare some are activated by the intentions and emotions of people around rhe water.

We can help the water and the oceans by creating a peaceful society withouth wars. That would create positive weather patterns. 

The Oceans and the ocean life would.benefit, and also we the people will be the beneficiary of the water vibration. 

Cleanliness of the oceans depends o  all of us.

The consciousness of people should be raised.  Maintaining the river's and oceans clea  should be a priority from oceans ships to oil platforms to people.on the beaches we all should have our share of .maintaining the environment and the oceans clean.

Of we do just a.little bit more that before stop using plastics cups and bottles, or straws and using instead reusable dishes., thT is just a little bit more than before.

In the past thebrivers used to be dumping ground for garbage. That should cease they get to the oceans.

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