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Survival Methods -Water

Withouth water a person will dehydrate and start to die in about 3 days.

The first step to survival in hard times is to inventory your water intontwo categories 
1. Drinking water.
2. All other water.

If the water is on fill all the water containers you have in the house; a thing that hold water and not leak. This include bathtubs.
If the water is off be creative Ice cubs in the freezer, water in the hot water heater. Both are safe to drink.

Water that is. Ot safe to drink is toilet bowl, or mattress of water bed.

Many canned food are packed in water. When you open a can serve the water int he can, don't throw the canned water away if you are low in water.

During normal time a person needs one gallon of water per day. During hard times a person can survive for a short period of time on two quarts of water per day or half of a gallon.

If the water is really in short supply then ine quart per day will keep a person alive but theybwill begin to slowly dehydrate.

After a.ling period without water when the water became suddenly available you cannot drink all the water you want. Drink one cup of water every 15 minutes otherwise if you drink more you will get sick.

When your water runs low where can you get more?

Collect rain water. If you have rain gutters on your house use rain barrel to capture the rain at the end of the down spouts. A good thunderstorm can oriduce enough water for you and your family.

Be creative. You need a large surface area to collect enough rain water to drink. A small.cuo won't do. Something like a.child plastic swimming pool would be ideal.

You can put clean bed sheets outside your window let them get wet ring them out by hand inside the house in apothecary and stick them back in the rain again.

If it doesn't rain go outside and collect the mor ing dew.

One method is to dig a shallow hole and put a bucket or pot in the center. Next line the hole with a sheet of plastic so it makes a funnel shape into the bucket. Cut a  hole into the bottom of the plastic iver the bucket. As the dew collects on the plastic it will run down the sides and drip into the bucket. A. Umber of these scattered all over the property will collect enough water to survive the day.

You can also collect morning dew by soaking a long cloth I. Long wet grass. Then wring it into your mouth or container.

You can use your plastic to make a solar Still.

There are two essential components: a container to catch the water and a plastic sheet. Moisture from the soil evaporates causing condensation to form on the plastic. Whe you are selecting the site for your stull your look for a sunny location.
Dig a hole about 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep in a sunny location. Place the can bucket at the bottom. 

Cover the hole with a plastic sheet formed into a cone and hold it in place with rocks. The plastic does not have a hole.

Place a small rock onto the plastics sheet so rhe lowest point of the plastic sheet is directly a ove the container.

The sub will raise the temperature of the aur and swim in the hole producing vapor.

Moisture will condense on the underside of the plastic sheet and water will drop into the container. At the end if the day remove the plastic ți collect the water. If constructed correctly your solar still can yeld about a quart of water a day.

Trees and plants roots draw .moisture from the ground.

Another method;
Tie a plastic bag over a growing branch with exposure to the sun. Do not puncture the bag.  Close the bag and keep a cirner hanging low to collect water. Evaporation from the leaves will produce condensation in the bag. This is an easy way to get pure drinkable water.

Ground water is rhe most contaminated Ground water is pond lake creek stream or river. 

To purify water first pour the water through standard coffee filter or clean pillow case. This will trap large impurities.

Then you can do one of the following three options.

1. Boil the water 10 minutes.wait for the water to cool then pour the water from one container into another several times ți add aur back into the water to improve its taste.

2. Or put 2 drops of chlorine liquid bleach (inscented) in each quart of water and wait 1 h for the bleach to kill the tiny organisms. (Or 8 drops per gallon)

3. As a last resort you can put 3 drops of iodine(2% strength) into each quarter of water or 12 drops per gallon.

If rhere us snow on the ground you can collect it and melt it inside your house. Never melt it inside your mouth. This consume more water than you get back in return. You dehydrate more quickly and end up worse that when you started.

If you are short in water wash just your hands and face periodically  wash your dishes in one pot of water with dish soap and rinse the dishes in the second pot.

If the toilet is still working g put your water in the toilet to flush it.

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